Chevrolet Cruze

Written on September 17, 2008 – 2:12 pm | by AutoLemming |

Chevrolet General Manager Ed Paper implied that the new Chevrolet Cruze will hit the US auto stores in 2010 and will cost more than the Toyota Corolla and the Honda Civic.

2010 Chevy Camaro

Written on June 22, 2008 – 1:09 am | by AutoLemming |

Here you can see two photos of the 2010 Chevy Camaro, the version that will go into production. It was taken on a TV set, for a show that stars Christian Slater.

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Chevy Volt Production In 2010

Written on June 4, 2008 – 10:38 am | by AutoLemming |

The Chevy Volt is a great looking car from GM, an electric/hybrid that has no emissions and consumes no fuel for the first 40 miles. The total range is 640 miles and the price will probably be under $40.000.

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